First of all, I just want to tell you that, I was having a hard time deciding which photos that would be live on my blog #firstworldproblem ;) Borobudur is beautiful in its own, so, it's basically photography friendly. Because of that, I want to make two different blog posts about day 4, and this post is all about Borobudur. And yes yes yes, my favorite photos through out the entire trip are here.

On day 3 at night we were having dinner at Indrayanti beach, which is okay, the food was not that great, but I love the ambiance, the sound of beach waves and night stars that was so pretty. After we finished, we went to Magelang, Central Java, because we were initially wanted to go to Borobudur at sunrise (google it if you want to see the sunrise), BUT turned out, it is very very pricey. It cost around IDR 250.000,- per person for sunrise tour (IDR 380.000,- for foreigner), while the regular ticket is just IDR 30.000,- (USD 20 for foreigner). Whoops I kinda believe that the price is worth it, because it must be beautiful in real life, but for now, it is still a bit too pricey for college students like us hahah. So maybe next time...

We stayed at Cempaka Villa. Very close to Borobudur, so you don't need taxi, just walk for 5 to 7 minutes. Room rate for triple room was around IDR 600.000,- and IDR 420.000,- for double room. The downsides about this hotel are no soundproof wall (I can hear my friend talking from the other room hahah) and there is only a curtain between bathroom and the room itself which I personally don't like, but overall the ambiance was pretty good.

Moving on to the main star of this post...As one of  UNESCO world heritage, Borobudur is undoubtedly beautiful. Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world located in Magelang, Central Java. About 2 hours away from Yogyakarta. I've been here before, but still amaze by how massive this temple is. This monument is decorated with thousands of relief panels and Buddha statues. More story of Borobudur here or simply hire a guide.

It was very hot that day when I came here, so I rent an umbrella. For your info, there will be so many hat seller and ladies with umbrellas for rent. I initially wanted to buy a hat, BUT, they all look the same, I mean almost every seller, selling same models + it looks like aunty style's hat hahah, and the chance to meet tourist with the same hat as mine is HIGH, so I prefer to just rent an umbrella. If you also prefer to rent an umbrella, DON'T rent it before you pass the ticket area, because you will get cheaper when you get in. It cost IDR 10.000,- outside, and IDR 3.000,- when you get in. I discovered it because at first I thought that hmm...the sun is okay, get tan a bit is all right, and IDR 10.000,- is too expensive to rent an umbrella, but when one of them offer the umbrella for IDR 3.000,- whoops OKAY, I TAKE IT! so finally I got the umbrella. The prices stated might be different for foreigner.

Don't forget to wear a Sarong, you can find it at the entrance, not to far from the temple for free and return it when you've done exploring the monument. As you can see the blue sarong on me.

Hands down to my favorite photo (above). Thanks to the man behind the lens, Timothy.

On the way out of Borobudur you will see that there are so many various gift shops that sell tshirt with Borobudur print, bags, and others. As always, don't forget to haggle the price.

Click the link below, just in case you don't read my previous posts about day 1, day 2 and day 3 of my Yogyakarta trip, here are the links...

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Photography and editing by me and Timothy

Have you been to Borobudur before? Any other tips or story to share? 
Let me know in the comment below :)

xx, Vonny


*Everything stated here is truely my opinion.


  1. Great photos.

    Lots of love.

  2. Glad you mention Magelang. Most people think Borobudur is in Jogja.

  3. Oh wow, this looks awesome! Great photos :)
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Harga tiketnya lebih murah dari pada ke Candi Prambanan, Fotonya keren dan sungguh apik. Resolusinya ok banget.

  5. Waduh jadi ketahuan nih saya gak bisa bahasa Inggris.. Foto yang terakhir bagus, tapi sayang kayaknya kurang jauh jadi saya gak tahu apakah Mbak pake sepatu apa pake sandal apa nyeker (tanpa alas).. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe :)

  6. Seru lagi kalau bisa melihat sunrise dari Borobudur, benar-benar indah.

    1. Iya nih belum kesampean liat sunrise, mahal soalnya ;( tapi nanti kalo ke Borobudur lagi pasti mau nyoba sunrisenya...

  7. hello vonny, welcome to my hometown, magelang! next trip, you should try to explore another side of this city. anyway, have you tried mangut beong? about 3 km from the temple.

    1. Iyaa nanti pasti explore lagi kalo ada kesempatan ke Magelang kedepannya :) belum pernah nyoba mas..

  8. Wow! Your pics look amazing! What a great place to visit.
    Good vibes Fox

  9. great photo .. great advertising for borobudur ... i want to go back there again ...

  10. Borobudur bagus skrg sejak dikelola swasta ya

  11. Fotonya keren :)

    Oya, kalo ada cerita pas liburan lebaran kemarin, ikut #GiveAwayLebaran yuk dgn total hadiah hingga 3 juta! Cek info disini yaa: http://heydeerahma.com/index.php/2015/07/13/kontes-blog-giveaway-lebaran-bersama-heydeerahma Ikut yaaa ;)


  12. love all ur amazing pics,will be visiting Magelang next week


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