Still can't move on from Jogja. I miss this city. Just in case you don't read my previous post about day 1 and day 2 of my Yogyakarta trip, here are the links...

Yogyakarta 1 | Yogyakarta 2 | Yogyakarta 2 : VIDEO

On my third day here in Jogja, me and my friends decided to go to Pindul Cave. Many blogs and online sites are raving about this spot. So we were excited to be here.

Goa Pindul

It's a cave (goa means cave), located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. We were caving down the underground river with tires floating down, while our guide explaining the history behind it and so on. It was very hot that day, but the weather inside the cave is kinda chill. Pictures here are not do the justice, I don't bring my camera, so all these pictures were taken using my friend's IPhone only. The activity in this cave later called Cave Tubing.

Every equipments here were organized by the organizer (include : guide, floating tire, rubber shoes and life vest). The price for one person is around IDR 35-40.000,- ugh I forgot the exact price. But, I bought the package which include 3 spots, Goa Pindul, Sungai Oyo, and Goa Gelatik. All 3 spots for IDR 100.000,- per person. But, in the end, we were not make it to Goa Gelatik, because we plan to catch the sunset at Indrayanti beach. 

There are so many bats inside the cave (picture below).

Our second destination, Sungai Oyo. Sungai Oyo is a river surround by cliffs with calm flowing water. I personally like this river more than Pindul Cave. It was really nice to just relax and looking at the sky, even thought we are looking at the sky EVERYDAY, but it was just fill different, if you know what I mean ;)

Unfortunately, my right arm was very itchy at that time, It's weird, because my other 2 friends were also like that at the same area, on the right arm. I don't know maybe because of the dirty tire or the water (maybe). It was really uncomfortable, and actually my skin is not sensitive, so I was wondering why it happened. 

Our last stop, Pantai Indrayanti, an hour away from Sungai Oyo/Pindul cave area. There are so many other beaches around this area. We came here a bit late for sunset. If you hungry, don't worry because there are many restaurants around.

Let the pictures talk...

VIDEO??? Coming Soon!

Yogyakarta 1 | Yogyakarta 2 | Yogyakarta 2 : VIDEO

Photography and editing by me and Timothy

xx, Vonny



  1. Heyyy awesome pictures you have here. Just don't go there on peak season.

  2. walahh aku we sek nang jogja rung tau jalan-jalan mbak e.. hahahah

  3. amazing spots .... i have to go there ... if i go to jogja again ... but don't know when.....

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  5. wah.. jadi gak sabar mau kesini. kebetulan pertengan agustus nanti mau main kini.. :)

  6. I was wondering about the first photo, Von! Itu dia berdiri dimana bisa di tengah2 laut begitu? keren abis bisa dapet momennya.

    1. Itu yg moto si Timmy :)) Itu masih ga jauh dr tepi pantainya, masih blm dalem jadinyaa bisa kliatan kaya gitu hahah

  7. ga bsa berpaling dri foto yg pling atas, yg penampakan orang mancing.. gila keren..

    gw sering maen ke jogja loh mbak vonny tpi ga pernah maen ke gunung kidul dan itu salah satu yg gue sesali sampe saat ini.. -_-

  8. Wah seru jugaa..Aku ke jogja belum pernah ke Gua Pindul hehe

  9. Jogja, Jogja, Jogja :)...always love to see the beautiful scenery from this lovely city :)

  10. This looks like so much fun! :O

    Heba xx ││The HebaBloglovinInstagram

  11. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures! This place is amazing!


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