I miss Jogja A LOT LOT LOT. Hmm..basically I miss travelling. I really looking forward to the day of my graduation, when I have free time everyday before I get a real job. I wish that travelling is my future job. 

Back to Jogja diary, on the second day, we checked out from our first hotel and hop into the second one, but unlike the first one, we like this one BETTER. The hotel that I talk about is The Cabin Hotel. Clean, no smelly room, and we got a spacious room. I really recommend this budget hotel. This is not an ad, just my opinion about this hotel.

After we checked into our second hotel, we booked a taxi and visited Taman Sari. Taman Sari is a water castle from the former Sultanate of Yogyakarta. This is my second time here in Taman Sari. One of my favorite place to visit in the city. I like the architecture and many high ceiling inside the castle that makes it a bit chill. The entrance ticket cost IDR 3.000,- for local and IDR 7.000,-  (less than US$ 1) for foreigner, very affordable. Taman Sari is one of the popular destination in Yogyakarta so it was a bit crowded there. There are also sooo many tourist guides there. 

Our second destination was initially going to be Kraton (royal palace), but unfortunately, due to fasting month the closing hour is changed, so we made our way to Fort Vredeburg. This is my very first time here so I was kinda excited. Fort Vredeburg is now a museum full of miniature dioramas and there are also some interactive games. 

I like the colonialism architecture here, very neat, and there are many cool statues at the garden, like this one.

And yes, this one is my favorite statue among others :)

Photography and editing by me and Timothy

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xx, Vonny



  1. How did you add labels (HOME, ABOUT) on the top of your blog? Will you help me? I can't find any tips... :(

  2. Kmrn nyobain ngafe di benteng itu ngak ???? makanan nya murah dan aku suka suasana nya haha

    1. engga nyobain mas. soalnya pas di taman sari udah makan pecel, enak banget pulaa..

  3. Eh Jogja....! rasanya baru kemarin aku kesana... and lucky you - poor me...! pas aku kesono, kraton tutup, taman sari tutup... cuma vredeburg yang buka. But... isn't that a good reason to visit Jogja again?

  4. whenever I see Taman Sari's pics, feels like dipping myself into those cool water pools :)

  5. Pas ke taman sari pas kolmanya kering, jadi garing :(

  6. in the old time ... there was a lake in tamansari ... woww ... that's really cool

  7. Dan aku lupa kalau punya PR nulis keduanya ini. hihihih
    Fotonya bagus2 banget kak :)

  8. Coba bisa renang disitu yak, asyik banget renang bareng selir-selir, hehe. http://www.idiotraveler.com


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