Saturday, August 20th 2022

Oh hello! First blog post in 2022. It's been a while, I miss this blog and I miss writing. Still learning to make it more personal, and fun to read at the same time. Just want to document my favorite days here.

Today, I ate the best gimbap I've ever had. ESSEL Jkt is now available in Gading Serpong. Haven't tried it before, but it looks good, and my friend love it, so I just had to try it. and booomm


The one I tried was Bulgogi Gimbap (IDR 55.000,-) recommended by the cashier lady. And trust me it's so good! Everything is well seasoned. Much love for their gimbap, I need to try the other gimbap menu for my next visit. Whilst the tteokbokki taste so so, it's not bad, but the flavor is not that rich. 

And I'm finally trying out MIXUE. Their stores are everywhere and now I get why. They are cheap and taste good. Definitely good value for money!

On this pic, Ice Cream Earl Grey Tea (IDR 13k) and MIXUE Ice Cream (IDR 8k). 

After that, me and my bf just spent time strolling at the mall.

I'm not the best when it comes to posing in front of the camera. I need to learn more. 
How to overcome my shyness??

Then we were craving some Nasi Campur so we search for a good Nasi Campur place nearby and found one with many good reviews and the place looks nice on google, NASI AKWANG.

Love the ambiance!

It's Pontianak style Nasi Campur, with lots of grilled pork, half sliced egg, grilled chicken, and thick sauce. So yum! We ordered the regular size (IDR 74k). 

✨ Shining ~ Shimmering ~ Splendid ✨

Hihii, that's it for today! Hope to see you soon and share more!

XX, Vonny


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