Well, Hi! Long time no see. But I'm back, I miss blogging, really! But finding time and the courage to sit down, write, and share, is another story. But here it is, me in front of my laptop, trying to tell you all that...

My book has been published!

It's about solo traveling. Long story short, this book was made for my graduation project (Lucky me, it was accepted by the publisher). So I design the book layout, I was doing some research as well for the content and interviewing solo travelers. This book is not about my solo traveling story. But, I hope that this book can encourage yourself to (at least) try solo travel.

You can simply go to your nearest Gramedia bookstore to purchase this book.

Anyway, I have so many things to share. My travel photos are waiting to be edited, so many things were happening since my last post and I can't wait to share my journey again.

xx, Vonny



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