Last Monday, I got an opportunity to watch the premiere of Galih & Ratna movie. All thanks to my brother :) Well, I forgot when was the last time I watched Indonesian movie in cinema, I haven't seen any of them in ages. I have high expectation for this movie since I watched the trailer and I must say that I LOVE it even more after I watched the movie! This is a remake from the old movie back in 1979, Gita Cinta dari SMA. I've never watched the old one tho. The story is just a classic love story between two highschoolers, but I like the plot, it's comedy and especially, the soundtrack!!! (Totally bikin baper haha) It's now on my Spotify play list, and I thing I will replay the songs for the next 1 month.

PS: I wish that they sell a mixtape for their sountrack ;p
I like every song from the sountrack, but these three are my fav:
Galih & Ratna - GAC
Hampir Sempurna - Rendy Pandugo
Dadidam - Audrey Tapiheru
Gita Cinta - Sheryl Sheinafia

Here is the trailer

Don't forget to watch it starting from 9th March 2017.

xx, Vonny


  1. soundtrack lagunya di recycle lagi ya sama GAC? yang lagu galih & ratna


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