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How is it already 2017? Really, I can’t handle the speed. Happy new year to you all. It’s time for that kind of new year new me thingy right? Well, 2016 was such a thrilling year, I finished my final project on time and finally graduated. For me personally, 2017 is like a true fresh start, a bit different from the earlier years, so why not making that kind of goals to start this brand new year?
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Oh, this is one of my life priorities, to constantly travel to a new place. To try unique and different accommodations. For 2017, I’d like to explore Indonesia a lil bit more. In 2016, I’ve traveled to Bali twice, and I still can’t get enough of this beautiful island. I really want to explore Nusa Lembongan Ceningan, and Nusa Penida in 2017. My brother went to Lembongan last year and told me that I have to visit this Island as well because it was very beautiful and peaceful. Another island in Indonesia that I want to explore more is Bangka Belitung and last but not least to enjoy East side of Indonesia like Maluku, by the way Ora beach looks convincing! Ah, imagine if I manage to visit these islands, I’ll definitely become much more tan by December right? We’ll see ;)
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Last year, when it comes to work, I most likely will stay in my comfort-zone, doing the things that were easy for me. For this year, I’d like to challenge myself, to learn some new things outside the box. Sounds clichĂ©? By saying outside of the box, I don’t mean it like I will practice singing or law or anything that is too far from my design career. As simple as learn how to edit video for my Youtube channel. I also like to be more productive. As a freelance graphic designer, I rely on my laptop like 90% of the time. Experimenting productivity with a great device like  the Acer swift 7 will definitely help me keeping up with deadlines and stuff.

Working Smart, Acer Swift 7, new year wishlist, acer, straordinary, new acer notebook

I am naturally visually oriented. I do judge a book by its cover. A luxurious and minimalistic design is my all time favorite and it’ll not complete without a touch of classic gold. If you notice, everything with gold or copper is very popular these days, and I’m perfectly find with it. Gold design on Acer swift 7 is definitely an eye catcher. I will be much more confident carrying this laptop around, not to mention that it’s sleek and travel friendly with less than 1cm thinness. No, I’m not even kidding about how lightweight it is! Keep being productive anytime and anywhere, whether it’s cafĂ© or airport in between transit. Get my work done in straordinary way!

Working Smart, Acer Swift 7, new year wishlist, acer, straordinary, new acer notebook

Whenever I’m doing work outside, there is a chance I will forget to bring my charger and it will be a nightmare, because my current laptop is just working for 2-3 hours and when you work on a design project, it will take up forever. With up to 9 hours battery life on Acer Swift 7, I don’t need to worry that my laptop will be dying before I even saved my project since I can finish my job before the battery runs-out.
I’ll always reward myself after working, just do a simple things like watching a good movie would be nice (I suggest you every movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it *insert wink face*). A vibrant, full HD display on Acer Swift 7 is not just useful for my design work, but also pleasantly fun to watch movies as well. I would also like to make myself comfortable at home by using this laptop that is supported by Dolby Audio that produce premium sound quality, for Spotify with a cup of peppermint tea, lifestyle magazine (or maybe just Ikea catalog?), and my lovely dog by my side. The Corning® Gorilla®  Glass 5 on Acer Swift 7 is also just right for clumsy clod like me. 
For more information about this beauty, click here.
Finger cross everything will happen. I wish you all a great 2017! What is your goal or wishlist for 2017? Share with me in the comment box below :)

xx, Vonny



  1. Hi Vonny, I think I'm agree with you in 2017 I 'll do more activity in outdoor or 'back to nature' holiday and The Acer Swift 7 looks marvelous with HD display I think its suit in blogger too. The design catch my eyes suddenly ^^

    xoxo, Kartika


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  3. Bali is a good City ^_^ it's a beautifull island for me. Best place to spent my holiday

  4. I want to travel more too!


  5. I love to read this review of ACER by story telling you've made. Really nice. Happy New Year, mba. May our goals come true :)

  6. Love this idea of your 2017 wishlist! I'll be making one now! I love that one of your top priorities is to keep traveling. That's a goal of mine as well.

    Hope you accomplish all of your wishes!


    1. Absolutely awesome blog! I am reading the holiday vibes post now!

      XoXo Jan

  7. Great article, love the pictures of Bali!!!!

    XoXo Jan

  8. Love this! My goal is to go on more adventures this year!

    x Annabelle

  9. Beautiful post! Thanks for your tips. I think my goal for the year is too stop worrying and start enjoying!

    Emma | Fashion Photographer and Model | http://www.emmanmh.com

  10. Love the post as we pretty much have the same goals.
    xo, Christianne

  11. Oh acer ada yang slim macam itu yaaa, kirain asus doang yg ada. Besok coba liat ah

  12. I want to keep travelling too!
    Great post

  13. great post, I love the list and especially the "keep exploring" 'cause traveling is my fav thing to do hh xo


  14. Aaaaakh acer swift 7 epic bangeet paraah :')


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