pantai kuta, pantai bali, pantai

I just came back from my 6 days trip to Bali with some of my friends. I am done with univ (now waiting for my graduation ceremony) and this Bali trip was a gift to my self. I wish that I could stay for a month :/  It's been a long time since my previous visit to Bali, maybeee 4 years ago and I miss the island so much. There is always something magical about Bali.

"Bali is an instant love affair."
...they said...

Kuta is probably the busiest beach in Bali. Not my favorite one because of the crowd, but I still like it. Located not far from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Kuta is one of the most popular beach in Bali. If you like surfing, or maybe you want to start learning how to surf, Kuta is the place for you since Kuta is also popular as the surf spot in Bali. I'm pretty sure that you will not get any trouble finding the perfect accommodation because you can easily find many restaurants and various hotels around Kuta.

pantai kuta, pantai bali, pantai
pantai kuta, pantai bali, pantai, ombak
pantai kuta, pantai bali, pantai, anjing bali, anjing pantai, anjing
pantai kuta, pantai bali, pantai

If you want to enjoy Kuta's sunset or just relaxing by the seashore you can rent two beach chairs for IDR 50.000,-/hour. It's the price for local tourist. I don't really know how much they charge for foreigner, but at least, you know how much the price for locals. Summer vibes is not complete without braided hair, there will be some ladies offering you to get your hair braided with various models (they have 'menu' book for braided hair ideas) but of course you have to pay them. Not only braided hair, you can also get temporary tattoos here in Kuta beach (for you who is not ready yet for the permanent one).

xx, Vonny



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    1. thanks Sabrina, don't forget to visit Bali :)

  2. Wow! So beautiful! Want to go there!


  3. bali is really beautiful and i think you are totally right, when you say it's magical! i loved it and i am starting to miss it... ;)




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