Some great soul once said that a walk by the beach makes your soul perfect. Yes as simple as it seems, fascinating are its result. Spending some quality time by the beach is one of the best things that everyone should experience of your lifetime and you shall cherish those memories in the years to come for longer.
However, riding a 4WD vehicle in these beaches is more fun than it sounds and a lot of people give these a try at their favourite beach hot spot. The beach gives you the solitude and allows you to introspect and restrospect your actions while you enjoy the time mesmerized in the modest beauty of nature.
Imagination know no bounds and it is only beside nature that you shall find yourself so mere and helpless at times, yet feeling the immense of joy of being an integral part of it. Well, so here are the top 5 beaches in Australia that will save your life a bit and help you relax from your daily worries. Get yourself a beer and it's time you got a bit lazy. The list of the greatest beaches in Australia.

1. Fraser Island

The list tops with 75 miles beach at the Fraser Island. This beach is really an epitome of beauty and solidarity with the mighty length of 75 miles at a stretch. You can do whatever you want to and its multi coloured sands at places shall amaze you. You shall also find a large number of tiger sharks inhabiting the shallows so you better look out of them and try to stay safe. Having a wonderful swim though, is a must in this cold waters, giving you the amazing views of coral reefs underneath. Another great thing to try here is snorkeling and driving through the sand in the car.

2. Mandalay Beach

Another great beach is the Mandalay beach in the western part of  Australia. As compared to eastern coast of Australia, the western part is not visited by many, but it is no less than eastern side beaches. It is located several hundred kilometres away from Perth amongst the greens of the Walpole-Nornalup national park. It is one of  those very few areas which remain vaguely untouched by people at all and many come up here by driving in their cars. The place is way too lonely and is perfect for romantic and private beach holidays. You can get an amazing time with your partner here. It is something known as the rainbow coast because of the rugged hills present by the side.

3. Bondi Beach

However the list can never be complete without the mention of Bondy beach at Sydney. This beach is historic and almost every Australian has been here once. This beach is very popular amongst the people in Australia and Sydney and holds great importance in  the Aussie beach culture.

4. Cable Beach

Mention must be made of the Cable beach at Broome in the western Kimberley region which is pure stretch of white sand and people are simply amazed by the beauty. Jaw dropping scenes against the back drop of the red ochre cliffs, it is 22 kilometer long. This beach is as awesome as it sounds and people choose to drive by in their car whilst enjoying the bliss of mature at this place. However the list tops with the Whitehaven beach on Whitsunday islands.
All these beaches are extremely popular and are among the top beaches in Australia. The real fun here is to drive a 4WD car by hiring from Aussie Campervans.
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  2. This makes us wish that I lived in Australia!

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