Is it October already? Sorry for the hiatus, I'm still in the middle of my internship program and don't really have much time to explore and travel. In this blog post, I will not talking about travelling as usual, but for you that is interested in fashion, this post might be suitable for you. 


If you are new to my blog, you may not know, that previously my blog is full of outfit posts, basically fashion related. I even wanted to be working in fashion industry, back when I was in senior high school. Fashion is part of our life and fashion industry itself is not just all about the clothes, but also the management, media, and many others, just like the other industry. Right now, from my point of view, online community is one the strongest media for us to learn including e-commerce industry. And that's why, I am excited to tell you about this program from ZALORA.

ZALORA it self is my favorite online shop (seriously), and working or having internship in Zalora would be such a huge opportunity.  As you can tell from the title of this post, YES, this is a scholarship program.  This program is basically giving you the opportunity to get a scholarship and the most important thing is you can be an intern in ZALORA on May 2016. How cool is that? Having an internship in one of the leading e-commerce in Asia is the best thing, you can learn a lot from them, you can experience how the real industry is working. For this first year of the program, the title is 'THE SCIENCE OF FASHION', and you have to interpret it from your own point of view. Read more here.

If you think that you are qualified to be the scholar, here's how...

GO SIGN UP! Simply go to ZALORA site.

xx, Vonny



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