I went to Bandung with my mom and her friends on last Wednesday (it was holiday). Uh yesss, it's Bandung again. Dusun Bambu is located at Lembang, Bandung, West Java. Dusun Bambu is a family leisure park in Lembang. Just like it's name, you can find many bamboo trees here. This is one of the popular destination in Lembang, that's why visiting this park on holiday or weekend is the worst decision ever ever ever. You can't enjoy the place. So I repeat, do not visit this place on holiday or weekend, or you maybe pissed off by the amount of people there, like I do *me crying on the corner*. Well, I really have no choice since my days are now packed with my internship days, so holiday and weekend are gem. How's the crowd? See it yourself on the 2 pictures below.

Forget all the crowds, the place it self looks nice. There are also private villas for us to rent. In here you can find some birds, flowers, and of course FOOD. Entrance fee -- IDR 15.000,-/pax.

These bird nest shaped private rooms are their iconic spot. If you search about Dusun Bambu on instagram you will find many pictures of this bird nest. It's a small private room for lunch and it looks cool, but I can't get nice picture because it was too crowded to find the best angels. You can reserve one room for IDR 100.000,- (1 hour only). 

Till next time! A video is coming soon! ;)
xx, Vonny



  1. aduhhh kalau liat postingan2 keren Bandung macam gini , jadi labil deh ama itinerary mudik nanti ha ha ha

  2. dusun bambu is coollll ...
    but i never been there .. hiks ...

  3. Oke,
    Pertama kenalan dulu. *salaman*
    Kedua, maap Aku komentar pake Indonesia, gak pandai English :(
    Ketiga, 2 Bulan lalu Aku kesana, bareng cewekku. Keren, Romantis. Tapi tau nggk? Sekarang kita udah putus :( *lohkokcurhat

  4. baru tau di bandung ada tempat sebagus itu.

  5. pling seneng liat rumah yg dipinggir sungai itu,,, natural bgt..

  6. This place looks lovely! I've been to bandung a couple of times but i'll definitely make sure to visit dusun bambu. The place looks like it's inspired from a japanese garden, beautiful :)

  7. Bulan depan niat kesini, udah beberapa kali ke bandung tapi kelupaan ama tempat ini


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