Bandung is one of my favorite city. Almost every 2 months, me and my family are going back, although we all know that weekend in Bandung means, traffic jam everywhere. The reason why we always going back are, first, it's not too far from our home, 2 or 3 hours drive (depends on the traffic), second, the weather (especially in Lembang), it's always nice to take break from humidity in Jakarta, and the last one, and the most important one, (oh yes, you guess it right!) FOOD!

If you happen to visit Bandung, don't forget to visit Gardujati. It is a MUST! From tasty local food to amazing Chinese food, you can find it there. The options are endless. Where to find delicious food? Simply go search for the one, with longest queue and crowded one.

My top picks :

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IDR 1.000,-/pc
Beware, very long queue! (as you can see on the photo above) They sell it for IDR 4.000,- here in Jakarta, so I really don't want to miss this opportunity hahaha. I can eat 10 pcs by my self, and maybe still craving for more. Made from sweet potato.

around IDR 15.000,- 
I love Durian (king fruit), everything with Durian are my fave (ice cream, pancake, etc). So, if there is ronde jahe with durian filling, I will definitely try it. Ronde Jahe is glutinous rice ball, served in ginger water. It will keep you warm.

around IDR 30.000,-
Ordered Mie Yamin Manis, and AHHH I really really like it. The noodles taste really good. No wonder why their stall always looks crowded especially on weekend.

Have you ever been to Gardujati before? What is your favorite food? Or maybe you have another place to recommend for local food in Bandung? Let me know in the comments below. 

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xx, Vonny



  1. Pengen deh mAkan ronde lagi, di MEdan susah nemunya

  2. gardujati ... yang kebayang sama saya chinesse food-nya

  3. hmm.. yummy..

    jgn lupa mampir ke blog alay aku ya kak di www.travellingaddict.com

  4. It is really a beautiful city :) You look beautiful !

    Christina Violet from www.ladresstina.com

  5. Bola Ubiiii, aaaak that's really endeuuusssss :D

  6. Wah bola ubi, kapan ya terakhir makan itu :|

  7. wah, kelihatannya makanannya enak karena keliatan sangat rame di sana...


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