HELLO!! Welcome back to my blog. I am in a really good mood as I am writing this blog post. I just turned 21st on the last Sunday, 28th June AND the think that makes me really excited is the fact that I will travelling again to another side of Java on the next July. Oh and are you realize that my blog address is now much much more official? Uh yeah, finally I get my own domain.

As the title said, I will revealing to you 10 travel Instagram accounts that you should follow. These accounts are MY FAVORITE. There are many more accounts out there, but for now, these are my recommendations.


SHE IS MY FAVORITE! Yes, you read it right with caps lock and exclamation mark. I just really adore her. I mean OMG how could you travel to 50+ countries all by your self  in the age of 23. I love her blog, I love her instagram, I love her YouTube and I like the way she is vlogging. If you have never heard of Brooke Saward from World of Wanderlust, you better check her website. There are many tips about travel and blogging. I was hooked by her website the moment I found it. 


Marischka Prudence is my favorite travel blogger from Indonesia. She love diving and most of her instagram pics are underwater photos. I really like it. She portray Indonesian underwater beauties at its best.


Look at his bio on instagram and you will know the reason, WHY I like his instagram. YES, He visited all 34 provinces in Indonesia. THAT'S A LOT. Oh I really wish that I could visited all of the provinces too, just like him.


Louis is a youtuber. I knew him because I was watching Zoella vlog and he was there, so I checked his YouTube and finally subscribed to his channel, just because I can't wait to see his future adventure. I like watching his vlog, mostly about his travel days.


Kiersten is also a travel blogger, but I don't following her blog as much as World of Wanderlust. Don't get me wrong, I think that her blog is also really good, considering it as award winning blog, but I still don't have the time yet to digging her blog. And yes, she is on the list, because her feed is awesome!

She is not a blogger or youtuber, but I love her feed. She lives in Bali, and her feed portray luxurious life in Bali. Such a highly enviable life. Some of her photos are featured on @beautifuldestinations (< must follow!!!).


Jessica is a travel and style blogger. I love her feed so much. I like the way she edit her photos on instagram. She also travelling a lot. Probably you have known her, since she is really popular on social media.


Nicole is fashion blogger, but as a really popular fashion blogger, she also travelling a lot. I love her feed so much, I like how vibrant all of the pictures are. Especially when she post the photo from his boyfriend Luke (he is a photographer). Definitely the account you can't miss.


Nadine is also a youtuber like Louis. I like how fun this girl on YouTube and finally following her on instagram. She shared many tips for travelling on her YouTube channel, so you should check them out.


HAHAH...yes it's my instagram account. My followers are not that much, but I think worth a follow. I shared some pictures from my travelling days. I will be going to another side of Java (this July), and will be sharing some pictures on my instagram before the full post live on my blog. Feel free to follow :)

And that's it! I hope that you like my recommendations.
Which user do you like the most? Feel free to share your favorite travel instagram user on the comment.

xx, Vonny




  1. Yay! A whole new list I could follow. Thank you!


  2. Great recommendations, I follow some of these accounts already but I'll have to check out the others. So much good travel inspiration!


  3. Banyak yg udah aku follow, ternyata selera kita hampir sama :-)

  4. wah thats wonderfull list, but i haven't follows them, may be soon hahaha

  5. Amazing headhunter indonesia hampir sudah aku follow akun-akun IG itu


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