HI!!! I'm back in track! Finally, I'm done with my final exam and start looking for internship. 
Moving on..for today's post I'm showing you 10 photos that was taken during my second visit to antique market at Jalan Surabaya. On my first visit, I didn't really see much in this antique market. You can see my previous post about my first visit here.
These 10 photos will be showing you another side of Antique Market at Jalan Surabaya.

If you read my previous post about antique market, you should know that I don't visit this market to buy vintage or antique items, but purely for the sake of my assignment. BUT, trust me, there are so many amazing antique pieces that you can find in this market.

 If you ask me about what is "the thing" that captured my eyes, it's gonna be these 2 vintage phones.

You can also check the video I was made during my first visit.

xx, Vonny



  1. nice blog !! aku tinggal di jakarta juga tapi belum pernah mampir ke jl. surabaya hihi thank you for sharing :)


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