On the second day, our last day :( , we checked out from hotel around 11 or 12 am. It's pretty late, so we head on to Lawangwangi to have lunch there. Lawangwangi is an art space + cafe, so before we enjoy our food, we went to look around the art space first.

After that we enjoyed our lunch. For their food it self, the taste was okay, but not that awesome. We took so many photos on their signature balcony (on the first pic). It was kinda mainstream spot to take photos on, but I like the view. 

Jl. Dago Giri No. 99
Bandung, Indonesia
+62 22 4231147

Well the night before, me and my friends were going to the centre of Bandung, and then we had our dinner at Gardujati area, where there were so many food stalls on the roadside. Sadly, I can't show you any footage because I forgot to film or take any photos. But the food was quite nice with reasonable price, and you can also find many street snacks there. 

I'll make a video about my trip, so stay tune! 

xx, Vonny



  1. Ahh, love the art pieces! especially the bunnies :3

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!

  2. I've been there, love the place :D

  3. Omg thes coolest cafe in the world. I want to visit it too!

    xx /

  4. wow, this looks absolutely beautiful! i love travel! wish i could be on the road every day!


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