Hallo!!! It's been 2 months already since my last post. I don't know if anyone still reading this space or not.
Moving on to today's post. Last sunday, I went to Bandung with some of my univ friends to visit one of the biggest art event in Indonesia, Pasar Seni ITB 2014. It's basically an event to showcase many art pieces and performances from various artists and students of ITB it self.
(I forgot the name of the artist, but I like this one so much!)

Even though I like the whole concept of this big event, but one thing I don't like... is because it was too crowded :( Well if one event is crowded, it's mean that the event is successful! But, for me it's just make the whole experience become uncomfortable. Another bad thing happen on that day, IT WAS RAINING!!! :( :( :( (All photos here taken before it's raining.)
After 3 hours, me and my friends decided to leave the event. BUT, seriously...deep down in my heart I want to go back so I can explore more :( I regret that I didn't really explore the whole area.

(Live Sculpting)

And don't forget to watch my safari video :)

xx, Vonny



  1. Wow lovely art, but i did not go there, hate the traffic :(

  2. cool art!

  3. oh wow! awesomeness.... Have a great 2015!

  4. Wonderful post! Geez i didnt come to this event :( i kinda regret it. Nice post dear

    kindly check out my street style,


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