Got this beautiful full printed custom case from POKAKU. Really happy that I can see dolby (that black dog) face all around the case. You can get your art pattern/drawing printed on the case too, or if you are lazy to make one, there are various designs from their designers. I like the quality of this case and also you can choose if you want to make it glossy or doff, mine is doff. 

Plus point! (+) It comes in a cardboard box + bubble wrap to keep your case safe. 
Go visit their website to purchase your dream case!!!
xx, Vonny



  1. These are so cute! I am actually in need of a new phone case, mine is falling to pieces. These look perfect. xxx


  2. good morning Indonesia :) blogwalking here... wow keren casing pokaku_nya (y) Keep on Rock vonny

  3. Wohooo, terima kasih banyak ya reviewnya :)


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