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I was actually not really interested in photography, even tho i own a dlsr camera (it was my 17th bday gift). I want a dslr so bad just to produce nice pictures for my blog. But, a year ago i started to love photography more because of flickr/fotoblur and many photography webs. I was also using auto mode reallyyyyy often cos i know nothing about how to operate dslr manually back then. Hahaha it was really disappointing!!! Thanks God, because of my photography lessons at uni, i'm starting to like it more. I'm really interested to fashion photography actually, but I'm not really good at it for now but YES, I'm still learning to be good in fashion photography. I'm following SO MANY blogs/instagram of photographers, like their page on fb. It's really great to know there are so many talented, success, and YOUNG photographer (yes, their age are like 16/17 and they are already really known).

So, I'm trying to have my own tumblr page just for my photography portfolio. I know i know i know it's nothing compared to those talented photographers, but I'm still (and will always) learning. 
I hope you like it :)) and YES, just feel free to give me some comments. 

till next time, 


  1. I love your photos hehe anyway same here. I got my dslr for my 17th bday present! hope we can visit each other's blog continually ;)

  2. loving those shots!


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