Plaid x New Hair

This was my outfit to JFC 2013 (Jember Fashion Carnaval). The show was really great, even tho i was late but i really enjoyed the show. I was wearing my plaid blazer for the fist time. Bought it in Bangkok, fell in love with this piece, but unfortunately this blazer is too big, so I neglected this blazer for a long time, and finally decided to wear it. 
And yes, a new shorter hair! Because I'm kinda bored with my long hair and some of my favorite blogger chopped their hair short, so I was thinking of chopping my hair too. I like my new hair, but some of my friends told me that they like my previous hair more. But, it's totally okay, I still like my hair. 
Anyway, I will show you all of the pics relate to the show on the next post! so keep reading and following this space :) 

Spoiler from my instagram (go follow me)
xx, vonny


  1. Your hair is lovely short! I've wanted to cut mine short as well recently! xx

  2. Great post! I love your plaid blazer.... cute hair cut...


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