those dancing days

HELLO! how was your monday? finally i blog about an outfit! hehe 
bird printed dress from cotton on
love the print and color
add your blazer for formal occasion
blazer by zara
here is the detail of my dress
my favorite spiked hairband
but, I'm still looking for "more spiked" hair band.. haha :p
the spiked hairband is from Mini Closet 

OOOHHH! you can see my eye bags from the last pic, its really bad.
hope to recover soon :) need to trying on eye cream product to make it less puffy
sadly, my face is really sensitive so its kinda hard to find a nice product to put on my face area.

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THOSE DANCING DAYS >> click and listen 

see you on the next post!
enjoy your week


  1. Lovely dress and blazer! :)

    Ericka of

  2. beautiful dress! and i love how u rock it with the spike headband! :)

  3. The pretty is very femenine.
    Should we follow each other?

  4. nice dress.

  5. like your dress so much!!
    Angela Donava

  6. cute headband! in case you need to head butt any losers..haha : )

  7. Love your look.. Wanna follow each other? :D


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