the maps

hello! its last day on July, how's your day ?
as the title on this post, i love the maps pattern on this bag soooo much! 
my newest baggy pants from saint and sinner, one of my favorite local brand here in Indonesia. super comfy pantsss ever! go check their collection on the web.

went out to the city with elsa and we're using public transportation! ahha, since its sooooo difficult to find a good public transport in here (mostly, not really comfortable) , unlike the other country :( but yeahh since no chauffeur or anybody else to pick us (+we don't want to be burdensome) 

actually I'm not a person who really like dessert but, these two are tasty + i like their outlook. 
I ordered this yummy brownies with vanilla ice cream on it, and elsa ordered a red velvet. 
and some of our picssss, cause we love taking pics n_n
pimplesss on my face :( and eye bags but i like this pic hehe
looking at insta / twitter feed hehe (such a social network person) and ignore my serious face

see ya on the next post. have a good day!


  1. I love the clutch!
    Hope you visit me soon at:

    xoxo Belle

  2. love ur baggg!

  3. love your bag and flats!
    oh and the cake! looks so yummy <3

    Michelle Angeline

  4. those pants are fantastic! you're lucky that you can actually order pants online. I can never do that because pants are tailored for women with normal curves, not for me :( hahaha you look great Vonny!


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  5. like your flats ;)

  6. Great post !

    Love your style ! Such a great inspiration :)

    Love your blog and I'm an instant follower :)


    I want to invite you to join my first $25 Rire Boutique Giveaway Contest !

    Check it out when you have the time :)



  7. love the pants! the desserts look really great, too ;)


  8. Ikut menyimak artikelnya gan :-)


  9. nice pictures, thanks for sharing with us.


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