new camera!

finally my mom bought me a dslr camera! actually, it's my early birthday gift from mom! I'll turn 17th this month :D really excited right now! I name it already, Archie <3 so welcome home my new baby!

visuals : mirror and my camera, self portrait :p, my favorite rings, fashion apps that really help me when I'm bored and there's no laptop, and the last one is Rp. 1.000.000,- blogging contest gift voucher (Rp 100.000 x 10) from level one! i winning on the competition writing about anything level one related. i post them on here, so thanks so much for all your comments. Let's see what will I buy with these vouchers :)


  1. Oh i love the pics and can´t live without my blackberry <3

    and happy happy birthday !

    xx nat

  2. Love the rings,I especially love that bow ring with the pearl cute!
    Archie, great name for a camera! :)

  3. congrats for your new camera! (: btw i just followed you (: nice blog!

  4. Nice photos. I love your ring collection haha! I wish I had my own SLR I constantly steal my boyfs haha!!

    Love J.

  5. wow, i love the second picture. thats awesome.
    thanks for your post and congratulations to yoooou :)

  6. Such gorgeous photos! In love with your blog so following you now :)

  7. happy pre birthday hope you have lots of fun with your new camera xx

  8. great rings dear!
    your blog is awesome,

  9. You take awesome pictures!! I have a dslr but I haven't mastered the art of photography!

    You have a great blog, wanna follow each other?

  10. Thanks for the comment! Love your blog, following!


  11. Love the photos ! Their amazing.

    Great blog! Now following! Hope you can return the favor, if my blog inspires you :)



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