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This post is a little bit different from the other post, in this post I'm talking about one of my favorite shopping area. hope you like it :)

For those fashion people that live in Jakarta and surround, Level One is really popular to find many gorgeous stuffs inside. Jakarta is fully of fashionable crowd now! Located in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (one of the best shopping mall in Jakarta) that was launched at the beginning of June 2010. There are 22 shops with lots of various fashion and lifestyle products, such as accessories, furniture, and photography.


Almost all the fashionista in Jakarta are excited about the opening of a special area that sell local products in a large shopping mall as Grand Indonesia. This is one of the biggest prizes for the young generations of the nation. What I like the most in Level One is, I can find so many pretty pieces by young Indonesian designers. Their designs are creative and really cool! You can find 28 local brands!!

Level One is full of qualified shops! Full of local brand with international quality. Every designer in Level One have their own concept. Most of them are also participate at the most popular fashion event in Jakarta, Jakarta Fashion Week. They came with unique designs and reasonable prices. What I like the most of their designs is they can reinterprets the traditional motifs such as Batik, with modern design that younger generation can easily relate to. Many timeless designs too, that are really wearable but still unique and unusual.

You can find your perfect denim by 16DS, feminine dress with lovely details by CIEL, I Indonesia shirt by DAMN! I love Indonesia, playful accessories by COCOMOMO, gorgeous shoes by EIGHT, traditional ethnicity pieces by GEULIS, pop art stuff by HARRINGTON HOME, pretty necklaces by HOUSE OF JEALOUXY, urban design by IRWAN THOHA, androgynous look by KLE, new lomo camera at LOMOGRAPHY, graphic tees by WHEN MAGIC HAPPENS, edgy bag by MIMSY, day-to-day clothes by MONDAY to SUNDAY, perfect footwear by NAIMA, cool characters by PLASTIC CULTURE, unusual casual wear by SAINT AND SINNER, wearable design by SATCAS|SASH, vivid color clothes by SILLA HOME, coolest post man bag by SOEHOE, timepieces by TICKTOCK, Batik clothes with modern touch by TIKSHIRT, “killer” accessories by VENOM, and the other shops such as GREER, HUNTING FIELDS, KALIGULA, REbel for a caUSE, TOSAVICA, and DANJYO HIYOJI.

The interior design of their shops are also really cool! The decorations of their shops is really gorgeous. Really nice to see and comfortable. I wish my room’s decoration like their shops! Haha, the decorations of their shops are just make me think of more classy and Victorian feeling. Level One is the answer for those who dreaming of walking through their own high class fashion runway with classy outfits. Level One is like your one stop shopping! You can find your favorite cute plastic toy, the lomo camera that you’ve been searching for a long time, and beyond that, you can find your “lost wardrobe”. I wish that Level One is my wardrobe.

Level one is the approach to accommodate a variety of works of young designers and young creative arts of Indonesia. Presence of level one also showed that Grand Indonesia also concern for the young generation in the country, giving them the opportunity to develop their own potential, working in the creative industry in line with the expectations of the Government.


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  1. Level One sounds like a really great place to shop! x

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  3. love level one <3

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    we were very pleased to meet you
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  5. I love this post! The bags in the pics above are so beautiful, I adore the red one!!! You have a great blog, I am now following!
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  7. Great blog and style ! Nice to discover it !


  8. nice red bag


  9. I love level one. it has amazing Indonesian brands.
    my favorites are ciel and kle ! :)

    a little princess

  10. i have never heard of this but it sound very interesting. I 'll take a look <3

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  13. I would love to go to Jakarta one day, and that store sounds great.Great blog, following you now :)


  14. I've never heard of Level One, but it sounds amazing. Love your blog btw.

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