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hi...welcome to the new post :) I'm really happy with this post cause this is my first time for interviewing my fav. Indonesian blogger. Her name is Michelle Koesnadi. She is popular because of her fashion blog
I'm one of her biggest fans!!! really love her blog.
1. Tell us about your blog.
My blog is a digital portfolio my daily outfits with hints of mouth watering culinary tours and my personal life.

2. How would you describe your style?
Eclectic and mood-based.

3. Whats in your bag?
I carry ALOT of stuff in my bag! I have my phone, wallet, a cosmetic bag filled with oil paper, 2lip glosses, lip balm, mosquito bite ointment, then I take my house keys, tissue pack, and other random stuff. Sometimes I carry my camera as well.

4. Your daily outfits are inspired by?
I get inspired by the clothing piece itself. I work my outfits around one thing that I want to wear. Sometimes if I see an outfit I like in a media, I usually like to try to make it into my own version :)

5. Which piece of clothing you'd love to own?
Does it have to clothing? If yes, then I'd want one of those poofy tulle dresses from Vera Wang's spring collection. If not, I'd love for a pair of Brian Atwood's nude pumps.

6. Whats you Favourite piece of clothing you own?
My warehouse black over sized blazer. I can wear it with anything, anywhere, and anytime.

7. A fashion rule you never break?
Always wear GREAT shoes. (This rule doesn't apply if I'm on lazy mode though)

8. A fashion rule you always break?
I never really think fashion in terms of rules. I just wear what I like and want. Everybody should have fun and create their own "rules".

9. Favorite designers and places to shop?
I love Zara and Topshop the most. They have almost anything I need to get a certain look from the runway (minus the price tag). For shoes, I really love On Pedder. They bring the BEST brands from overseas into one tenant!
If I were to list my fave designers, I'd be overflowing this page. My faves are Karl lagerfeld and Albert elbaz. I also love Alexander Wang and Phillip lim for the "new" designers.

10. Are there any fashion icons or famous people whose style you admire?
Kate moss. I've always loved her easy chic looks.

11. What are your interests beyond fashion?
I'm just beginning to love photography! I also love cooking and eating.

12. What is your biggest dream for the future?
To own a big company, be successful, and have a happy family.

13. What is your favorite era of style?
I loved the roaring twenties. Flapper girls really attract me ! I also love the Victorian era very much. I wish corsets would love classy like in those times.

14. Describe your style at the age of 13.
Haha..I was inspired by Kim possible at the time. I wore baggy jeans and cargo pants with those Adidas classic sneakers.

15. What would you wear for your last day on earth?
Hmmm.. Tough.. Perhaps my wedding dress in which I get to only wear once (or maybe twice for the photos..) Hahaha..
that's all my first interview with Michelle. hope this post inspiring u :)
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  1. Gorgeous girl, love her style!

  2. her style is really nice. :)

  3. yea, ci Michelle is such a lovely and stylish person! Love this interview :D
    thanks for the comment!

  4. Thanks for sharing that. Her blog is amazing! :)

    xx miss anonymous.

  5. Love this interview!
    Loveeee her style <3

  6. yeah, she has a really good style!!

  7. love your blog1!!!


  8. wow!
    she's really amazing!
    love your blog!(i love alexa chung too)

  9. I love her blog too!! Thank you for such an amazing interview!!

  10. Great post! I love her style!

  11. great interview! love the style

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


  12. Thank you for sharing. I found you first but will check her blog out next! Good job!

  13. i love michelle as well.. she's gorgeous!

  14. great blog, love this interview, photos are gorgeous.

  15. Nice interview, I love Kate Moss too

  16. thanks vonny! you've got a really good collection of photos as well! I also really enjoyed reading your interview, job well done!


  17. i really like her style too,,very muchhh muchhh

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    u can find any kind of jewelry..thx

  18. cute interview!
    love her blog :D
    thanks for the gorgeous comments miss! :)

  19. Lucky! I'm a fan of her blog too. Great post!!

    xx Cristina

  20. love her style!

    btw, lovely blog! :)


  21. amazing interview! I'm a huge fan of michelle!


  22. Oh wow, this is a really good interview. Love her style.sarahD:)

  23. love the ripped tights! they look like the mark and estel one's Lady Gaga wore all over her international press tour. HOTTTTT! in fact Rolling Stone named those tights as a top fashion moment for her!!! crazy!

    &>>check out the pix from the sample sale a bunch of LA Fashion Girls-About-Town participated in on my blog! i think you will like what you see!




  24. Thoroughly enjoyed this interview. She really does have a great fashion sense. xoxo


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