new looks on weardrobe

10:35 PM

my new looks on my weardrobe...

green plaid skirt
green plaid skirt
for the information about "green plaid skirt" look...that is my old uniform when i was at junior high school (just the skirt)...and i really miss my junior high moments...

this is Thailand shirt but I'm not from Thailand, I'm Indonesian
this is Thailand shirt but <span class=
I'm not from Thailand, I'm Indonesian.. :DD
i want to tell u,,,that I'm very proud of being Indonesian,,,cause of many culture in my country...
but,,,really wanna know all culture in another country...
that's my interest (for learning the culture) i choose tourism school...

and like my other looks...i want to know what do u think about those looks??...
wait for your comments... :DD

xoxo,,, VONNY

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  1. yeah, really great outfit :)
    have a nice evening!

  2. i love the second look, great shirt!

    from spindizzyfall

  3. Nice, I like the white jeans at the secon look :) /Sophie♥

  4. very cute skirt!




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