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Finding the perfect sandals for an upcoming trip is a must. The ideal travel sandal is comfortable and breathable for long days of sightseeing, not to mention the style is also very important. I’ve compiled some of my recommendation for the perfect sandals to accompany your summer vacay.


Gladiator Sandals, Summer Style, Summer Sandals
Gladiator Sandals
Yes, they are back! I remember I was a big fan of gladiator sandals few years back, and now they are in again. The stripes details are beautiful and can make your simple look more chic. The adjustable straps can provide a secure fit as well. 


Tan Sandals
How about matching tan skin and tan sandals? I love this color so much because I can easily mix it with other color without making it look plain.


Black Mid-Heels Sandals
Traveling in heels doesn’t have to be painful, it can be done comfortably. Kitten heels are cute and they are comfortable as well. Wear them with a white shirt and denim short for a casual day trip or pair it with midi wrap dress for a casual dinner time. You’ll look effortlessly fab!


Blue Shoes, Slingback Shoes, Blue Slingback Shoes, FSJ Shoes
Blue Patent Leather Slingback Shoes
Slingback flats is cute too! I really like how breatheable and you can look a bit formal as well. You get the comfort of a sandal without worrying about your shoes falling of as you’re walking. It’s a great alternative to strappy sandals. Neutral colors are great but how about a cute blue color that screams summer? 


White and Orange Women's Slide Sandals
This one is probably my favorite. Very casual, lightweight, and easy to wear. No fuss, perfect for a casual vacation. I’m in love with the mix of white and orange on this pair.

And there we have it! So, which one is your favorite? Share with me on the comment :) 
I hope this list helps you find the perfect summer vacation sandal. Go check FSJ Shoes for more selections of sandals (and shoes, sneakers, heels, basically everything...). They offer FREE World Wide Shipping as well! 

xx, Vonny


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