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This month, I've received a package from ToSave. Seriously, guys, you have to check their website! There are so many items in it, not only clothes and beauty products, but you can also find other miscellaneous stuff. The prices are affordable as well.

So, I got 3 items from them, let's take a look at it...

As you can tell, this knitted sweater is really cute. I really like the white pleated details on this sweater. Another plus point is I like the color, gray is always my favorite color when it comes to clothes. Well, even though it is looser than I though it would be (that's why I rolled up the sleeve). I just wish that it's more fitted.

This make-up brush set, is probably my favorite item from all three. The bristles are so soft and they are in black which make this brushes looks cool in my opinion. This brush set is really travel friendly because of their small size (but not too small).

I have a pocket camera that need a nicer strap, that's why I got this. I like the model, color, material and everything, it's just faux leather but they looks good in real life and sturdy as well but sadly, I can't attach this strap to my camera. Maybe I need another attachment ring to make it works. But other than that, this strap is worth to buy for the price.

That's all, till next time :)
xx, Vonny


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  1. The knit wear so cute ^^

    xoxo, Kartikaryani

  2. Makasi kak buat artikelnya barangkali minat dengan Softlens kita


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