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Hi All! I'm back with another outfit ideas. Even tho I'm not really into fashion, making this kind of outfit ideas is really fun somehow. So, without further due, let's take a look at my 3 outfit ideas for this month.

Mix no. 1
It's March and it's Spring! ( Really wish that I can experience the weather here in Indonesia :/ ) It's time for more flowers! What's better than Floral Kimono Cardigan as an outer? Midi casual dress is so popular these days, so no wonder that I'd like to pair the kimono with a red midi dress. This duo will compliment each other.
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Mix no. 2
This is probably my favorite mix from all three! I fell in love from the first sight with this asymmetric midi skirt from StyleWe. Really nice cut, paired with a simple cami top and simple dark blue loafers. Don't forget to wear your favorite outer with the same color schemes if needed. 
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Mix no. 3
When I scroll JustFashionNow website to find any bottom pieces for the third look, I can't take my eyes of this beautiful floral-print pants. This gorgeous item deserved a shout out! Just look at how beautiful it is. Very feminine and comfortable as well. Wear it with a cute white crop top to match the beautiful pants.
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You can buy all of the items mentioned in StyleWe and JustFashionNow. Don't forget to check JustFashionNow designer brand, to find the latest collection from various designers. Other than their beautiful collections, I also like to read their blog. One of my favorite post is 10 Non-Traditional Engagement Ring. Well, I know that I'm no where near marriage, but just read it is fun anyway.

Do you like my outfit recommendation? Which one is your favorite?

xx, Vonny


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