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Happy last day of March! Last month, I made 2 posts about my March wishlist, and now since I've already received the packages I really can't wait to share with you my review about the products. All products in this post are from CNDirect. This is my second time working with them to review their products, and I can safely say that this website is totally recommended.
This time, I choose to review their LED Video Lighting.  As the products name said, it works for video, but since I'm not making video that much, I use this for indoor photography purposes. But for you that want to start your own youtube channel without investing to much on lighting gear, this is for you. There are 3 different light diffusers to choose from, you can also adjust the brightness, and check the battery life. Basically, a complete video lighting for just US$ 16! I've compared the prices to other local online shop here in Indonesia that sell similar kind of LED light and even with shipping cost added, CNDirect's price is still cheaper. A total win!
 The second item that I added to my wishlist is this super cute little silver bow ring. A bit different from the photo given in the website but still wearable. It's not adjustable but don't worry since you can choose the size, and it fits me perfectly.
Why not treat your self with pretty clothes or another cool items from CNDirect?
xx, Vonny


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  1. tempting over that LED Video Lighting :)

  2. Super cute post! I really love the way the picture of your camera moves haha, so chic! <3

    The Dazzle Guide

  3. Really want some kind of lighting for my blog photography. Will have to give that a look!
    Great post!
    L x

  4. penasaran gimana itu ngedit foto yang pertama hehe


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