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Photography is one of my hobby. I really like playing around with my camera. Mostly for travel, but now days, I want to learn more about product photography and stopmotion. Natural lighting is always my fave, but, I also like indoor photography. Indoor lighting can be a huge issue. That's why a good lighting is a must! This LED lighting from CNDirect is probably will be my favorite item. I really can't wait to get it and play around with it.
Another item from my wish list is a ring. I like it the first time I see it on CNDirect website. I'm not a big fan of accessories, but this beautiful ring is to hard to resist.
Product mentioned
You can find another great pieces from CNDirect
xx, Vonny


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  1. I'm really enjoying learning more about how to get the best out of my camera for blogging and I prefer to shoot in natural light too. Might have to investigate the LED lighting from CNDirect as I often have to plan my indoor shoots around the weather. Thanks for the tip.


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