Are you Buying a Home in Bekasi? Here’s what you Need to Know

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There are plenty of reasons for you to consider buying property through Rumah, homes for sale inBekasi. Before you do, as in any home purchase, you should know a few things about the area of Bekasi. We have some great info here for you, and if you follow our tips, it won’t be long before you either have the house of your dreams, or at very least a property that you want to reside in for a few years.
A More Livable Location
The area has become much more livable as of late with many residences being developed along the Tambun toll highway. Some of these developments include:
·         Summarecon Bekasi
·         Grand Galaxy City
·         Grand Wisata
·         Kemang Pratama
With the rise in housing developments, it's only natural that shopping centers should follow. The Grand Metropolitan, for example, features more than 125,000 square meters of floor space, and other shopping centers like the Metropolitan Mall, Plaza Pondok, and Bekasi Square add more culture to the area than ever before.
If you are in the process of passing through with the hopes of finding your new home, don’t forget to check out the various hotels and secure yourself a place to stay. The Aston Imperial as well as the Amaroossa are some of the better places to stay in Bekasi, along with the Tune Hotel.  It is most definitely a tourist friendly city with a plethora of Indonesian foods all over the city for visitors to try. Whether you want to try one of the famous Asian curries, or perhaps Kambing or Avam, if you want to broaden your horizons as well as your tastebuds, this is definitely the place you want to go.
Getting Around 
Getting around in Bekasi doesn’t have to be difficult. You could explore through trial and error of course, but most people take the Trans-Java highway, which is the main road across Java. The Jabodetabek urban area features two highway connections which are:
·         Jakarta–Cikampek Toll Road
·         Jakarta Outer Ring Road
Bekasi is a satellite of the larger city, Jakarta, which means heavy rush hour traffic. Fortunately, the city has addressed this problem by widening the roads between Sumber Arta and Bekasi Cyber Park, which runs right along the Malimalang river.
Another effort has been made to ease the traffic constriction hich has been the construction of the Kecakayu toll road, a quick alternative to the Jakarta-Cikampek that most people have become accustomed to over the years.
Using the Railway
If traveling by car doesn’t interest you, then you might try a commuter train to take some of the pressure off yourself and your own personal commute. In Bekasi, KRL Jabotabek erves several areas including Jakarta Kota and Jatinegara. To further ease traffic constriction (there is plenty, even when it comes to the railway) the government is in the process of building a double-track railway that connects the regions of Manggarai and Cikarang. The estimated time of completion for this railway is 2017.
Along with the railway there are also shuttle bus services as well as taxis, though when most people think of public transportation in the area, they think of the minibus, also known as Koasi. You can find the main Koasi terminal in East Bekasi, and it is overall a great way of getting around the city.


Job Opportunities and Industry 
Bekasi features a ton of industrial areas, one of which is Jababeka, and there are also several international companies that have set up shop, many of which are familiar around the world. We are referring of course to Honda, Converse, LG, Samsung, and about 4,000 other companies operating in both Bekasi and the surrounding area. There are more than a thousand expatriates working in the area as well as half a million laborers. To put it lightly, the job market in Bekasi is booming, making it far more desirable to own a home. The Jarkarta Globe keeps an eye on industry in the area, and is definitely something you will want to look into.
Getting a Home in Bekasi

If you are interested in owning a home in Bekasi, you first need to consider your status according to the Indonesia Expat website. If you are a resident, for example, getting a home will be very easy so long as you have the money. If you are planning to obtain a home as an expatriate, however, you will need to consider that you can never actually own the land that the home sits on. You can obtain a convertible lease agreements that transfers some ownership rights to you in Indonesia, including the right to develop and sell the land—which is just as good as owning it, believe it or not. There are several other options which you will want to explore, so take a look, and make sure you are ready to move into what could be your dream home in Bekasi. It’s not as hard as you think, and your home is waiting for you.


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